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Coast and Salt

Coast and Salt Roller Perfume

Coast and Salt Roller Perfume

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Made with good stuff your skin loves and available in all of your favorite Coast+Salt scents, these Perfume Rollers are the perfect way to stay salty anytime. This product plants one mangrove tree through SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf.

Coast: Light as air, yet deeply complex, the coast is captured in this sophisticated scent. Olive leaves and ripe fig fruit blend into Australian sandalwood, lying on bed of sweet sea grass.

Lanai: Sweet pineapple and refreshing watermelon are at the heart of this sunny scent. Inspired by the Hawaiian island that once produced 75% of the world's pineapples, lighting our Lanai candle is the next best thing to actually visiting the island.

Salt: Immerse yourself in a refreshing escape as zesty citrus notes of bergamot greet your senses, accompanied by an invigorating burst of crisp sea salt. The fragrance evolves with a warm and alluring base of sweet dried driftwood.

Sol: Sol opens with notes of caramelized banana and grilled pineapple, with heart notes of toasted coconut, and warm ginger that evokes a balmy spa-like experience. Tropical spice and Tahitian vanilla round out this exotic scent.

Java: Dark roasted coffee beans and pistachio lead this fragrance, with a generous splash of sweet coconut cream for a delectable gourmand scent. 

Fiji: Embark on a fragrant journey of tranquil beauty and exotic allure with the captivating fusion of Dragonfruit, Jasmine, and Vanilla in Fiji.

Ibiza: Ibiza is a captivating fragrance that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and magnetic energy of the iconic island paradise. Immerse yourself in the sultry allure of Ibiza with this enchanting blend of Amber Plum, Black Cherry, Cashmere, and Vanilla Musk.

Sand: Evocative notes of santal, cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, and vanilla intermingle to create this unique scent. A deep and complex fragrance that brings to mind beach walks at dusk.

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